Sand Doubles

Travel Level 2v2 Ages 12s – 18s

Only in sand volleyball do you become the ultimate, all-around player. Ball control and tough serving is the name of the game, and this league will take your indoor game to a new level. We are excited to kick off our second season of fun in the sun with you!

Summer Camps

Head Coaches

Jenna Jones, Callie Kohl, Katelynn Seitz, Mike Wiese and Tonia Tauke Dorn. Other coaches available upon request.


333 Speedway Cir Ste. 2
Lincoln, NE 68502

Level Up this summer at our Team Prep Camps
• Camp is a great way to progress your skills and prepare to be on a fall team.
• Camp is $75 per player
• Team Camp will cover:
o complete skill detail with an emphasis on teamwork
o your next level of serve receive and transition
o importance of communication
2nd-4th Grade June 19th & 20th Noon to 2pm 
5th-7th Grade June 19th & 20th 9:30-11:30am
1st-2nd Grade July 18th-19th 8:30-10am
3rd-4th Grade July 18th-19th 10:00-noon
Travel Team 6th-8th grade Aug 5th & 6th 9-11:30am 
Local Team 4th-7th grade Aug 5th & 6th 12:00-2:00pm

Individual Camps

• Individual camp is $30 per day
Jump Serving 5th-7th Grade: June 4th, June 25th, July 9th,  OR July 22nd 1:00-3:00pm(jump float and top spin)
All Hitting skills 5th-7th Grade: June 5th, June 25th, July 10th, OR July 23rd 1-3p

All Setters 5th-8th Grade: June 10th, June 25th, July 16th, OR July 30th 1:00-3:00p
Liberos 5th-8th Grade: June 11th,  June 26th, July 25th OR July 31st 9:00-11:00am

4v4 Summer League

Play real volleyball, play every position, play all the way around, play great competition!

This is a 4v4 league for players only — coaches optional. It’s the players’ chance to take all the skills they’ve worked on and just have fun playing the game. Our summer league is the perfect opportunity to work on that jump serve and try every position, so get a 4v4 team together and sign up today!
Don’t have a team? Attend one of our tryout sessions.

Wednesday Divisions (grades for Fall 2024)

Pink: 3rd-4th grade (light ball) 

Lime: 5th – 6th grade (light ball)

Black: 7th – 8th grade (heavy ball)

Travel: 7th – 8th players from traveling teams

National: 9th – 11th players from traveling teams


All league dates are 4 weeks consecutively on Wednesday  nights.

Session 1: May 8th-29th

Session 2: June 5th-26th

Session 3: July 10th-31st