Sand Doubles

Travel Level 2v2 Ages 12s – 18s




Only in sand volleyball do you become the ultimate, all-around player. Ball control and tough serving is the name of the game, and this league will take your indoor game to a new level. We are excited to kick off our second season of fun in the sun with you!

June 6 – 7
Omaha, NE

June 13 
Omaha, NE

July 12 
Lincoln, NE

Summer Camps

Head Coaches

Claire McDermottt, Katelynn Seitz, Tonia Tauke,
Rachel Culwell and Jenna Jones

Other coaches available upon request.


333 Speedway Cir Ste. 2
Lincoln, NE 68502

Team Camp

(Register via email as a team starting April 15 until full)

Summer Camp is Better with a Team!

• Team Camp is $80 per player
• Pricing is for 8 -12 players
• Want a bigger or smaller team? Call for a quote.

Team Camp Will Cover:

• Complete skill detail (requests welcome) with an emphasis on teamwork
• Your next level of rotations, serve receive, transitions and free ball plays
• Importance of team communication and information sharing

Teams of any age or skill level can pick any 2 consecutive days below

Camp is from 9 a.m. to noon each day

JUNE 1st – 5th

JUNE 8 – 12

JUNE 15 – 19

JUNE 22 – 26

JULY 6 – 10

JULY 13 – 17

JULY 20 – 24

Individual Camps

• Individual camp is $80 per player
• Register as an individual starting April 15

Club Prep
4th – 6th Grade
July 27
 – 28 
12:30 p.m. – 3 p.m.

Club Prep
7th – 8th Grade July 27 – 28
9:30 a.m. – Noon

Travel Prep
6th – 7th Grade July 16 – 17 

9:30 a.m. – Noon

Travel prep covers the skills, communication and anticipation it takes to be successful at the travel level.

Summer League

Play real volleyball, play every position, play all the way around, play great competition!

This is a 4v4 league for players only — coaches optional. It’s the players’ chance to take all the skills they’ve worked on and just have fun playing the game. Our summer league is the perfect opportunity to work on that jump serve and try every position, so get a 4v4 team together and sign up today!
Don’t have a team? Attend one of our tryout sessions.

Wednesday Divisions (grades for Fall 2020)

Lime: 4th – 6th grade (lite ball)

Black: 7th – 9th grade (heavy ball)

Travel: 7th – 9th players from traveling teams

National: 9th – 11th players from traveling teams

*NEW* Thursday Divisions (grades for Fall 2020)

Mom/Dad & Me: 2nd – 4th Grade

Mom/Dad & Me: 5th – 6th Grade

Stay tuned for a 7th and 8th grade Mom/Dad & Me
tournament this summer!


All league dates are 4 weeks consecutively on Wednesday or Thursday nights.

Session 2
June 3 – 25

Session 3 
July 1 – 23


League matches start at 4:30 p.m. and end at approximately 9:40 p.m.

Requests will be honored when possible

Locations: Courtside (333 Speedway Circle, Ste. 2) or Suite ONE (2600 Park Blvd., Ste. 1)

Missing a week?  Your team can request one week off and make it up with a double header another week

League Fees

Single Match per Day:
$40 per player, per session

Double Match per Day:
$75 per player, per session

Mom/Dad & Me:
$60 per family, per session

Need a Team?

Register online at for 4v4 “tryouts”

Wednesday, April 22 at Courtside (333 Speedway Circle, Ste. 2)

4th – 6th grade: 5 p.m. – 6 p.m.

7th – 8th grade: 5 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Tryout fee is $10 per player

Can’t make it? Email for an alternate date

4v4 League Information

• Up officials will be provided. Teams need to provide one line judge

Warm up balls and carts will be provided

Minimum 4 teams per session

Teams play at least 4 matches per session

• Teams may also sign up for double header matches

Minimum of 5 players per team registered for 4v4

Players rotate like rec ball — server rotates out

Winning teams after round-robin results will receive prizes

No numbers or jerseys required, but jerseys or similar outfits recommended

• Fun cheers and team names recommended

Mom/Dad & Me League Information

 • This league is designed to get younger players playing the game

• Players are the only servers

 • Servers may serve from anywhere on the court, but move back with each
consecutive serve until they reach the 12s serving hashmark

• Parents: no blocking or hitting (spiking)

• Your role is to keep the ball in play, and at this level, that is going to score your team points!


• All individual players or families must register for the first date of the month they’re playing

• Register at — Select “Register” then “Leagues” 

•For the Mom/Dad & Me league, register your daughter only. Parents are included in price

• Finalize your team registration by emailing the following information:

Team name


5 player names on the team

           Which session? May, June, July, or multiple?

1 match per night ($40) or 2 matches per night ($75).  

Registration deadline: 10 days prior to the first date of
your session, or until full!

Your schedule will be mailed out one week prior to the start of each session.